Provide translation to any language.

Academic Exam Tutoring

Tutor you for your academic exam easily. The price for each session varies based on exam requirements.

Income Tax Preparation

Preparing income tax for your business or your personal income for 1 year.


We can provide you with all financial, accounting, and legal advice in case you face any difficulties or problems..

Expansion Plan

Acquire an expansion plan for your own business, based on your expansion view, whether in your country or out of your country.

Preparing Financial Statement

Preparing any financial statement for 1 year (BS, IS, CF, and OE).

Loan package Creation

Prepare a Loan package creation, and a detailed report before borrowing the funds and how you will cover the repayments.

Cash Flow Projections

Preparing a cash flow statement projection for the next 5 years + financial report in 5 days.

Budgeting and Forecasting

Prepare your budgeting and forecasting for the next five years with an explanation report.

Financial Proposal

We can provide all sorts of financial proposals within 5 days.

Feasibility Study

We can provide you a feasibility study with accurate details in 10 days.

Marketing Plan

We can prepare a marketing plan for your business, whatever the location you in. In this service, we require many details which will serve us in preparing the plan . Also, we can provide you a sample from old plan.


We can provide you bookkeeping for all transactions for a whole month, whether you’re using excel or any other software.

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